2010 Medigap Changes Frequently Asked Questions

January 14, 2010

Medicare Changes

When are these changes effective?
The 2010 Medicare Supplement changes will be effective on any policy sold effective June 1, 2010.

When can I start marketing the new plans?
The new plans are effective June 1, 2010, so the kickoff for selling to those clients who will turn 65 in June will actually be January 1, 2010.

How competitive will the new plans M & N be?
We expect them to be very competitive. Co-Pays and Co-Insurance will always drop the premium.

Why were plans E, H, I and J eliminated?
Plan E was eliminated because the new Plan D would contain exactly the same benefits. Plans H, I and J were eliminated because with the other dropped benefits these plans would also duplicate other plans available.

What will happen in the plan your client has is dropped?
Any plan that was purchased prior to June 2010 will remain inforce. Keep in mind these new plans are for new issues with effective dates of June 2010 and beyond. Your clients’ current Medigap plan is guaranteed renewable for life. Even if their health changes, they cannot be terminated or forced to change to one of the new plans.

What is the new hospice benefit?
All plans will now include the Hospice Benefit as part of the “Core Benefits.” Medicare provides coverage for inpatient respite care up to 5 days less a co-payment amount of 5% of the daily benefit. The new Hospice benefit will pick up this 5% co-pay.

Why was the At-Home Recovery benefit dropped?
It was determined that the benefit was confusing and difficult to understand and administer.

Why was Preventive Care dropped from all plans?
Because Medicare Part B has changed to cover many more preventive benefits, effectively rendering this benefit redundant.

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