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CATALIST FINANCIAL is one of the Premier firms in the Indianapolis area specializing in helping people balance the line between HEALTH & WEALTH management. As licensed insurance brokers, we have contracting relationships with many of the Best National & Local Insurance Companies. Using our ADVISORY APPROACH, we leverage these relationships, research the market, and find the best fit for you, your company and your retirement.

CATALIST HEALTH TEAM is Comprised of a Unique group of individuals with their own specialty focus.  CLICK HERE to find out more about the CATALIST TEAM

CATALIST HEALTH, started by Benjamin McCann in 2004, incorporated in 2006 as Benjamin J. McCann & Associates, LLC does business as CATALIST, CATALIST CONSULTING, CATALIST FINANCIAL, CATALIST HEALTH, and CATALIST WEALTH. Ben’s experience in Architectural Engineering and Communications provided the framework for the way he advises his clients. Using excellent analytical and personal skills, he reviews every element of the insurance process, makes certain all the components are in order, and then walks you through the process with the right recommendations. Ben and the CATALIST AGENTS form an excellent advisory team who see the BIG PICTURE and provide custom fit insurance plans for every client. CATALIST AGENTS are not your ordinary every day Insurance Sales people. They are highly trained to employ an ADVISORY APPROACH that guarantees every client receives the most benefits for the best price.

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Founded by Benjamin J. McCann in 2004 after becoming an engaged and educated consumer of financial products, Ben set out to understand the financial industry from the inside.  After 2 years as both a Captive Agent and Independant Broker, Ben founded Benjamin J. McCann & Associates, LLC a Licensed Entity in the State of Indiana as an Insurance Agency.  With Reciprocal Licenses in other states and doing business as CATALIST, CATALIST CONSULTING and more Ben has refined his philosophy to encompass 4 main tennants:

1. Prudence

2. Wisdom

3. Understanding

4. Stewardship

Ben got his feet wet in the Individual and Self Employed Health & Life Insurance market and quickly moved into the Medicare and Retirement Planning Market after seeing some of the significant changes in Medicare, espcially as it relates to Supplements, Medigap, and Drug Benefits.  This area of work led Ben to discover the SAFE MONEY PHILOSOPHY that he embodies today in all lines of his businesses.  Knowing the Biblical principles towards money and the current state of the economy coupled with the pending influx of Boomers entering into the Social Insurance System, Ben Predicted in 2005 that the worse market crash since the great depression was going to take place beginning in 2008.  He ensured that all of his clients and anyone else that would listen would head his wisdom, be prudent, and make preparations for this impending collapse.  With over 200 clients, not one of them whose money was placed with Ben has lost 1 penny… and they are all making money with interest on their  principal.

Seeing how the Social Insurance of our Country and States were run, and how they directly impacted businesses and the entire economy, Ben moved into the world of Employee Benefits Consulting and Began to Target his Niche in the HEALTHCARE and TECHNOLOGY sectors.

During his first 2 years in the industry, Ben helped his clients save over $3 Million Dollars and to date that number is even greater.  At the Beginning of 2008 Ben decided to step outside the traditional niches and bring together teams of professionals who are specialists to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.  That is when he developed the CATALIST CONSULTING business model.

Looking forward to the Future of uncertainty, Ben and his Network of Professional Advisors work diligently to work with Individuals, Businesses, Churches, and Charitable Organizations to protect their interests and secure their financial futures through PRUDENT, sound timeless WISDOM, with UNDERSTANDING and an attitude of STEWARDSHIP with the utmost integrity.

For an Appointment and Initial Consultation Call:

(317) 441 . 4321

or email: [email protected]

“Who you are Precedes what you do”

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