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New 2010 Medigap Benefits and Plans

New Hospice Benefit All plans will now include the Hospice Benefit as part of the “Core Benefits.” Medicare pays for all but very limited co-payments for outpatient drugs ($5). Included in all Medigap plans a benefit to pay this co-payment

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Promises Made; Promises Broken.

Promises Made; Promises Broken. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in full get-a-bill mode. Virtually every promise of reform has been thrown out the window, even as those willing to work with the president have been thrown under the bus.

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2010 Medicare Supplement Changes

As these plans are still evolving, please visit us often for future updates. Background The changes to Medicare Supplement come as a result of HR 6331, the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA, passed on July 9, 2008),

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