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Essential Health Benefits under Healthcare Reform PPACA

Below in the BOX is a list of resources that you can use to understand what “EHB” or Essential Health Benefits are and how they work, who is respondible for providing them and who is exempt. For more information for

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McCue Family Health and Wellness Story

Below you will find an interview with John and Keesha McCue and the story of their Daughter as they experienced dealing with a Significant Health issue that dramatically changed their family forever. VIDEO INTERVIEW of KETA JO, JOHN, and KEESHA.

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On Site Clinics – No Silver Bullets or Quick Fixes but there is hope

The most significant tool available today that creates an environment for change and potentially creates a win/win situation for all involved if managed by the most appropriate team without conflict of interest…Work Site-Clinics. It’s not the be all by itself but it may be the Keystone that can be a dynamic and central part of the solution.

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