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McCue Family Health and Wellness Story

Below you will find an interview with John and Keesha McCue and the story of their Daughter as they experienced dealing with a Significant Health issue that dramatically changed their family forever. VIDEO INTERVIEW of KETA JO, JOHN, and KEESHA.

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Federal Reform News from Council for Affordable Health Insurnace

Federal News Supreme Court 2012 Review of Reform Law Likely The recent ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals makes it almost certain the Supreme Court will decide the federal health care reform law’s constitutionality in its 2012 term.

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Hows your VISION? What kind of ROI can you have with Great Vision

STAYING CONNECTED Why buy Vision? 127% ROI with VSP Vision Care Lower your healthcare and human capital costs by offering a VSP vision plan every time. How does a VSP plan provide a 127% ROI? Read the white paper and

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Small Employer Health Tax Credit

“Small employers” who qualify for this 2010 income tax credit (including churches and section 501(C) (3) charitable organizations) must satisfy ALL of the following conditions: One component of  the huge  healthcare legislation is a tax credit for small employers who

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Insurance Solutions for Breast Cancer Survivors

Catalist Financial has partnered with one of our Top Carriers to let the community know about some very important Insurance Solutions for Breast Cancer Survivors. Finding protection for your family should be the least of your challenges.

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Health care reform provision at-a-glance Long-Term Care

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or health care reform law), the secretary of Health and Human Services will establish a voluntary long-term care (LTC) insurance program called Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) by January 1,

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If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Start Beating Your Head Against the Wall Now

If you like your health care plan, tough luck – if you’re on a Medicare prescription drug plan: More than 3 million seniors may have to switch their Medicare prescription plan next year, even if they’re perfectly happy with it,

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Preventative Care Provision: Interim Rules Health Reform Update

As you may know, the health care reform law includes a provision requiring health insurers to cover preventive services with no member cost sharing. Recently-published interim final regulations clarify this provision. Non-grandfathered plans issued or renewed on or after September 23, 2010, will not include member cost sharing or copays for the following preventive care provided in-network:

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The Best Life & Health Policy Ever

If you would like to know more about how to get this policy, please CONTACT US:

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Grandfathering Allowed: Final Regulations Update

As we recently communicated with you, the federal government has issued Interim Final Regulations for the grandfathering provision. Because there are advantages to grandfathering, we will grandfather most standard and non-standard plans in our portfolio. To help you better understand what this means to you, we’ve put together this Grandfathering Fact Sheet. It explains:

£ More about grandfathering

£ What changes can be made without losing grandfathered status

£ What changes will result in losing the grandfathered status

This is an important provision for many individuals and group policyholders. You can expect more information about grandfathering, including how we will implement it. As always, please talk with your consultant if you have any questions.

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