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Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month – Accidents Happen are you properly Insured?

May 1, 2010 — Governor, and motorcyclist, Mitch Daniels has proclaimed May to be Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in the State of Indiana. The Governor joins ABATE of Indiana in urging motorists to check twice in looking for the motorcyclists with which they share Hoosier highways.

Accident data indicates that in multiple-vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcyclists’ right-of-way and caused the collision in two-thirds of those crashes. Statistics show that multiple-vehicle accidents account for approximately 75 percent of all motorcycle accidents. Cooperation between all road users is essential to successful traffic management and roadway safety.

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On Site Clinics – No Silver Bullets or Quick Fixes but there is hope

The most significant tool available today that creates an environment for change and potentially creates a win/win situation for all involved if managed by the most appropriate team without conflict of interest…Work Site-Clinics. It’s not the be all by itself but it may be the Keystone that can be a dynamic and central part of the solution.

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United HealthCare: African-American Small Business Campaign Scheduled

a national direct-mail campaign in early April to support Generations of Wellness®, a program created to serve the health needs of African-American small businesses and families. This campaign is directed to African-American small-business owners and companies with large percentages of African-American employees.

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Federal Mental Health Parity Interim Final Regulations Explained

The Federal Mental Health Parity Act requires our fully-insured employers with 50-2,999 employees, as well as self-funded customers, to offer the same level of coverage for mental health and substance use disorder services as that offered for medical and surgical services through their plan.

The 154-page Federal Mental Health Parity Interim Regulations and comments, were published in February in the Federal Register. Highlights of new/updated information from the interim regulations are as follows:

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INdiana Labor Insider January & February 2010

The January/February 2010 edition of the Indiana Department of Labor’s bi-monthly newsletter, INdiana Labor Insider, has been attached to this email. This newsletter was created to inform employers and employees about the latest information about the department, health and safety and labor related issues. To read past editions of the INdiana Labor Insider, please visit the Indiana Department of Labor’s website at

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Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration COBRA update.

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration COBRA page was updated to add a link to the archive of the compliance webcast on the COBRA premium reduction extension provisions held on January 22. To view the archive, visit:

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2010 Medigap Changes Frequently Asked Questions

When are these changes effective? The 2010 Medicare Supplement changes will be effective on any policy sold effective June 1, 2010. When can I start marketing the new plans? The new plans are effective June 1, 2010, so the kickoff

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New 2010 Medigap Benefits and Plans

New Hospice Benefit All plans will now include the Hospice Benefit as part of the “Core Benefits.” Medicare pays for all but very limited co-payments for outpatient drugs ($5). Included in all Medigap plans a benefit to pay this co-payment

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Promises Made; Promises Broken.

Promises Made; Promises Broken. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in full get-a-bill mode. Virtually every promise of reform has been thrown out the window, even as those willing to work with the president have been thrown under the bus.

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2010 Medicare Supplement Changes

As these plans are still evolving, please visit us often for future updates. Background The changes to Medicare Supplement come as a result of HR 6331, the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA, passed on July 9, 2008),

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