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Assurity Life Insurance Company CLICK THE COMPANY LOGOS for some simplified issue disability quotes, then contact our consultants to help walk you through the best options for your disability insurance. We can also help your coordinate your group benefits with an supplemental Disability policy to ensure proper protection.

DISABILITY INSURANCE is highly recommended for anyone to help replace the loss of income due to missed work relating to an accident or illness or injury.  If your injury or illness is not related to a work related cause, it  may put you in big financial trouble if you are unable to produce income.  Many employer GROUPS offer some DISABILITY INSURANCE, if they do, we recommend that you take it, even if you have to pay for it, GROUP Disability Insurance is often cheaper than purchasing and individual policy.  Many people don’t realize that their GROUP DI might not be enough to meet their needs and only replace 50 or 66% of their income, in order to make sure that you are adequately insured, you might want to consider purchasing an INDIVIDUAL DISABILITY POLICY that will augment your GROUP policy if available, also it will ensure that you have coverage in the event of job transition, job loss, or you become un-insurable down the road.

Other Companies that offer DISABILITY INSURANCE are listed below, these companies do not have an online quoting tool for the general public, but if you CONTACT OUR OFFICE we would be happy to look into those quotes for you.

Colonial Life Insurance Benefits CompanyMetropolitain Met Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Financial Group Insurance CompanyJohn Hancock Life Insurance CompanyIllinois Mutual Life & Disability Insurance CompanyGuardian Life Insurance CompanyForesters Life Insurance CompanyMassMutual Financial Group Mass Mutual Insurance Company

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