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As you grow older, your health insurance options typically are limited and as you get closer to Medicare age, you may start to see your health insurance premiums rising dramatically and health insurance may be your main requirement in looking for employment and choosing careers.  CONTACT US to let us help you determine the right HEALTH planning strategy so that you keep more of your WEALTH in your pocket.  It is said that most people spend the first half of their life and their HEALTH trying to gain WEALTH, and the second half of their life and their WEALTH trying to get HEALTH back.  Most financial professionals don’t help you understand the critical relationship in planning and balancing the two.  At CATALIST we are committed to making sure that you are protected on all fronts.

CLICK HERE: for more information on MEDICARE and MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS and how understanding this changing envrironment may be difficult to navigate.  Ask our experts to teach you the ABC’s of Medicare and get your FREE “ABC’s of MEDICARE” document.

CLICK HERE: if you would like to talk to one of our CATALIST WEALTH experts who can help you plan and balance your HEALTH insurance and your WEALTH Planning to work together in harmony.

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