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If you are an EMPLOYER, CLICK HERE, otherwise, Individuals and Families, keep reading.

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Exchange began October 1st, 2013 and lasted through March of 2014 however, going forward, the AEP (Annual Election Period) is from November 15th thru February 15th.  Any enrollments outside of that must be a SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIOD if you qualify due to a life change event. ( If you want to find out if you qualify for an SEP outside of the AEP give us a call at 1-866-460-4321 ) our Specialists are standing by waiting for your call.

If you have Insurance Coverage, you can KEEP your existing coverage if it qualifies as coverage under the EHB Provsion ( Essential Health Benefits ).  If you don’t have Insurance now, you can either elect to take your employer’s insurance or qualify for Individual / Family Insurance today while the insurance companies still have the ability to Underwrite Health Insurance Policies.

“Why was that important?” you ask, well the answer is simple.  Plans that are underwritten give the Insurance Companies some control over claims and costs vs. premiums to keep costs down for everyone in the plan.  After Jan. 2014 Insurance Companies will NEVER AGAIN be allowed to underwrite health insurance so all plans offered after that date are the NEW METALLICIZED Plans; meaning they are open to everyone and anyone who wants to enroll regardless of health status and prior pre-existing conditions.

While this is a good thing for many people who cannot get access to health insurance before Jan. 1st 2014, it is estimated to increase the cost of Health Insurance to as much as 400% of existing Premiums to offset the new wave of claims and utilizers of the health insurance.  As we have seen, this happened and costs are continuing to go up, especially for those who don’t qualify for a premium tax credit / premium subsidy.

However, anyone who has an existing underwritten plan in place prior to Jan. 1st 2014 can keep that plan and pay far less for their insurance than people enrolling in the open market Exchanges in 2014.

To see what you qualify for, complete the form below for a list of plans available in your area and begin the process of pricing and selection:

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